Supporting New Releases
Marketing and event funding to grow audiences for exciting new films

Current releases

Balloon - 24 September 2021
Limbo - 30 July 2021

Support available

Funding for marketing and event expenses
Freelance marketing assistance for exhibitors

Our support for new releases champions challenging, creatively accomplished titles, helping them connect with exhibitors and find the audiences they deserve.

Each year, we get behind 4 titles with the aim of increasing the impact of their releases and raising their profile with audiences. Working with distributors, exhibitors, and freelance marketers on the ground, we celebrate great film and create campaigns of national significance and regional relevance.

Every release is bolstered by a marketing pack full of assets, templates and ideas about how to approach the film. Exhibitors who book the title can also access a campaign budget to support marketing and event costs - be that for social media advertising, a ticket offer, or to enhance screenings with special guests or event elements.

Our team and freelance marketing staff will collaborate with participating sites, helping them to develop a release plan and access assets and financial support.

Current Release - Balloon

The next supported release is Balloon - out on 24 September 2021. Pema Tseden’s dryly comic examination of the effects of China's one-child policy follows a shepherd family in 1980s Tibet who become the talk of the village when they run out of condoms in very public, and very surprising, circumstances.

Support available for Balloon includes: a campaign budget to support marketing, event and audience development costs; a marketing pack full of assets and templates, including video essay, The Balloons of Cinema; and the option of hosting a virtual Q&A with the filmmaking team.

Download the marketing pack

Exhibitors can book the film via Day For Night and can reach out to to access the campaign budget.

If there's a film you're passionate about that would benefit from support on release, you can submit it for consideration to the BFI Film Audience Network.