Genre in Focus: Sci-Fi
A season of online events exploring the brave new worlds of British filmmaking

Lift off on a new season of online filmmaker events.

Following our comedy showcase and a deep dive into the murky depths of horror, we're excited to announce Genre in Focus: Sci-Fi - Film Hub North's latest exploration of genre filmmaking in the UK, kicking off in July 2020. The season celebrates cinema's ability to conjure brave new worlds, other dimensions, imagined futures and altered realities. 

We open with 2 events exploring the current state of sci-fi filmmaking in the UK and considering how Northern creatives can go about creating sci-fi magic on a short film budget. We'll hear from tastemakers at global sci-fi brands and leading UK production companies, and will showcase the local filmmakers pushing the genre envelope. Read on for full details of what's coming up.

Monday, 20 July sees the return of our Northern Exposure Short Film Night. Expect the same online format of great films and friendly guest filmmakers, plus a special line-up of Northern sci-fi superstar shorts. Our programme includes a preview of Chromophobia ahead of its public premiere on the Alter online horror platform. The short - a story of post-apocalyptic wastelands, a sinister alien presence and... paintball - comes from Northern genre specialists Gavin Williams and Mark Lediard, who will join us and the other featured filmmakers for a post-screening Q&A.

And on Wednesday, 29 July we welcome two industry executives for a conversation about their experience at the forefront of contemporary sci-fi production and a discussion about how Northern filmmakers can make their sci-fi dream projects a reality. Our guests for Developing Sci-Fi are: Anna Levine, Senior Manager at Gunpowder & Sky (home of sci-fi brand DUST), and Film4 Development and Production Executive David Kimbangi. Our host is film writer and broadcaster Beth Webb.

Both events are free to attend – all you need to take part is a reliable internet connection. For more details on these sessions, and other upcoming talent development opportunities via BFI NETWORK, take a look at our calendar of filmmaker events.