The Cutting Room Filmmaker Workshop
Get hands on with the future of filmmaking tech

We're partnering with York Mediale and the Digital Creativity Labs to give 16 filmmakers the chance to get hands on with the future of filmmaking tech.

This autumn, York Mediale presents What is Love? - a new kind of film featuring storytelling that is algorithmically tailored to each viewer and controlled in real time. The project is powered by The Cutting Room, an Object Based Media tool developed by Dr Davy Smith that allows for the development of content in response to an individual's circumstances, preferences and devices.

During the festival, on Friday, 5 October, we're hosting a private workshop that will give filmmakers the opportunity to experiment with this cutting-edge technology in a session guided by the project's lead researcher.

Who can apply

Participation in the workshop is free and open to filmmakers based in the North of England.

We're looking for writers, directors and producers who are interested in immersive technology and are excited by the possibilities of experimenting with an innovative new medium for video-centric storytelling. The Digital Creativity Labs team are ideally looking for a technologically engaged group of creatives who will be interested in taking part in follow-up research and testing of new technology.

Read more about the workshop and how to apply.

If you are interested in taking part in the workshop and getting involved in DC Labs' ongoing research group, please send an expression of interest to: