Open call for independent films
Submit a title to receive support from the Film Audience Network on its UK release

The Film Audience Network has relaunched its support for new independent film releases.

Managed by our colleagues at Film Hub South West, the Network has now opened its call for titles to receive support in 2018/2019. The Network will support 4-5 new films each year - titles eligible for consideration during this first call will be set for release from mid-October 2018 onwards. Shortlisting for the first supported title will take place in August 2018 with the final selection made by representatives from the Film Audience Network, the BFI, Into Film and the Independent Cinema Office.

Submit a film

Anyone can submit a film for consideration, and submissions from exhibitors and distributors are particularly welcome. The Film Audience Network is looking for new releases that are challenging, creatively accomplished and relevant to the UK's diverse audiences. Submitted films should have a clear appeal to the Network's target audience of young people aged between 16-30, be scheduled for release via the FDA and will have been certificated by the BBFC.

Read the eligibility criteria and submit your choice via Film Hub South West

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