Distributor Slate Days
The annual networking event for distributors and exhibitors

Date: 18 Sep 2018
Time: 10:00
Location: Picturehouse Central
Piccadilly, London, W1D 7DH
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The next edition of Distributor Slate Days takes place on 18-19 September at Picturehouse Central.

Slate Days is a chance for exhibitors to find out about upcoming theatrical releases and to connect with exhibitors and distributors from across the UK. Two days of screenings, meetings and events allow exhibitors to learn about future releases and start developing their own programmes and plans. The Film Hub North team will also be in attendance on Slate Presentations Day, 18 September, to catch-up with Hub Members and discuss strategy for the coming months.

Slate Presentations Day

Tuesday, 18 September, 10:00am - 8:00pm

A full day of presentations from distributors on their upcoming theatrical release slates and marketing plans, featuring release information, trailers, artwork and exclusive preview footage. Plus a networking lunch and an evening drinks reception where attendees can meet distributors, fellow exhibitors and the Film Hub North team.

Meet the Distributors Day

Wednesday, 19 September, 10:00am - 5:00pm

Organised in a speed dating format, this is a chance for exhibitors to have focused one-to-one meetings with distributors and key partners, letting attendees share ideasĀ on how to work together effectively on upcoming releases.

Register now

One and two day passes are available via the password-protected Distributor Slate Days Eventbrite.

To access the event, please email: philip@filmhubnorth.org.uk.

Need additional help to attend Distributors Slate Day? Apply to our Bursary Awards for travel and ticket subsidies to get you where you need to be.