Creative Producers School
Apply for our next talent development programme

A new talent development programme training producers to support a thriving filmmaking community in the North.

The North needs producers! Discovering and developing the next generation of producer talent is vital to creating a sustainable future for filmmaking in the region. That's why our BFI NETWORK team are launching the Creative Producers School: a new talent development programme that will support 8 early-career producers based in the North; improving their skills, expanding their networks and getting them ready to make an impact in the local industry.

Created and delivered by Northern-based producers Holly Carrington (Diploid Productions) and Barrington Paul Robinson (Redbag Pictures), the course will run in Manchester over 3 weekends from September - December. The Creative Producer School will provide participants with a solid foundation in all practical aspects of managing a production - including contracting, budgeting, casting, scheduling and festival strategy. We'll also be joined by visiting industry experts who will contribute to sessions and share strategies on how to find and nurture talent, develop scripts and build relationships with crew.

In addition to the regular workshop schedule, the programme will include a day of events at Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York. And it'll all culminate with a networking event where we'll introduce our producer cohort to writers and directors in the North with the aim of starting conversations and developing a new slate of projects.

Who's it for?

We’re looking for people with a lively and proven interest in film and the world around us. Our ideal candidate will have good communication skills, a commitment to story-telling and the ability to work collaboratively.

Applicants will be creative producers based in the North who are in the early stages of creating their slate. To be eligible for the Creative Producers School you must:

  • Be over 18 and not in full time education
  • Have made one short film or theatre piece as a producer or production manager, or have an equivalent level of experience across other production roles (e.g. as a runner, assistant director, or similar)
  • Have a passion for cinema and an idea about what stories you want to tell
  • Be based in the North of England (Cheshire, County Durham, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Northumberland, North Lincolnshire, Tyne & Wear and Yorkshire)
  • Be able to attend all of the dates outlined in the course schedule [pdf]   

Participation in the Creative Producers School is free. In certain circumstances, we may be able to contribute to travel costs to support your attendance.

How to apply

To apply, please email your CV (including contact details and address) and a supporting document (PDF, 2 pages max) to our team using the subject line 'Creative Producers School'. Your supporting document should address the following points:

  • Provide a brief outline of your relevant experience
  • Why do you want to be a producer and what do you want to make?
  • Tell us about a British film producer you admire
  • Tell us about the last British film you watched and provide comments on the directing style

Send your application to:

The deadline for applications is Friday, 23 August. If you have any questions about the course or require further information, feel free to contact our team at the above email address, or you can phone us on 0191 550 5058.