BFI FAN Innovation Lab: Next Audiences
Develop a partnership to reach your Next Audience

A person looking at a light display with the following words written on it - BFI FAN Innovation Lab: Next AudiencesA person looking at a light display with the following words written on it - BFI FAN Innovation Lab: Next Audiences

A joint project created by Film Hub Scotland and Film Hub Wales exploring audience development

Part of the BFI FAN Innovation Lab series, Next Audiences is a two-day training and professional development lab on diversifying audiences taking place from 20 - 22 April 2022. In particular, this lab will focus on growing audiences from underrepresented ethnicities. It will include facilitated discussions, workshops, guest speakers, and networking events, with an emphasis on partnership work and talent development. Participants will exchange knowledge, work on personal challenges, and find practical actions/solutions as a group.


In the current context of ‘living with Covid’, BFI FAN want to bring together organisations from the screen exhibition sector to explore the challenges of audience development; to consider their core audiences, new audiences, and to look towards future audiences – the next audiences.

The Next Audiences will be more diverse than ever in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and other identities and characteristics. We want to explore organisations’ missions, and their fitness within current and foreseeable social contexts. How do organisations want to re-engage their core audiences, and establish ways to reach new audiences? How can this work be done in partnership with people with lived experience of racism; with authentic consultation with these communities?’


The lab will be facilitated by Diversity & Inclusion Audience Development Consultant Huttson Lo and participants will be paired with one or more organisations who are committed to working together on at least one project. Each partnership will be made up of at least two decision-makers from each Hub region:

  • one from a venue organisation with a regular screening programme +
  • one from an organisation led by people who may experience racism.

Participants can apply with a partner in mind or develop a new partnership, facilitated by the lab organisers.

Read the full programme notes for more information on the objectives of the lab, what each collaborative project should be and more.

Key Information

  • Expression of Interest deadline: 25 February 2022
  • Lab dates: 20-22 April 2022; consultations begin in March
  • Location: The Stanneylands Hotel, Cheshire.
  • Fee: £200 (+VAT) per participant. This includes meals and accommodation. Get in touch with us about bursaries and freelancer honorariums.

Expression of Interest

To express interest in taking part, please complete this short online EOI form by 25 February 2022.

Apply Now

Find out more information in this Innovation Lab: Next Audiences guide.

BFI FAN Innovation Lab: Next Audiences is a joint project, created by Film Hub Scotland and Film Hub Wales.