Welcome to Film Hub North
Supporting the Northern Film landscape

Welcome to Film Hub North

Film Hub North is a cornerstone of the North’s cultural connectivity, it sets an agenda for film and the engagement with film in the region, whilst also championing that agenda as part of the wider cultural landscape in the North of England, and beyond. 

All the Film Hub North members, those who exhibit film and those who care about Film are the lifeblood of the Hub, in a symbiotic relationship which engages, empowers and inspires the whole, it is the Hub and the members who are leading the cultural charge for Film in the North.

The Film Hub North network is a place where Film can flourish.

What do we do?

Film Hub North connects members-to-members, members-to-press, members-to-talent, members-to-audiences; using its expertise, Film Hub North spots opportunities for its members and supports them to take advantage of those opportunities.

Film Hub North takes seriously its responsibility as a custodian of film exhibition in the North of England, Film Hub North does not own or command the cultural landscape for film, nor does it suppose that to be the case. Instead, Film Hub North is a place where film culture can flourish, within the Film Hub North network film culture is valued, it is celebrated and it is shared.

Film Hub North thoughtfully curate opportunities, programmes, projects, training opportunities and events that speak to its values, the values of its members and the values of the region. Film Hub North is proud to take a position of curatorial lead in the film exhibition sector in the North of England, and it delivers its projects with passion, with thought and with ambition.

Film Hub North embodies collaboration, at its very core, is the coming together of three vibrant and inclusive champions of film; HOME, Manchester, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield and the Tyneside Cinema is Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Film Hub North recognises the value of collaborative projects within the network and across the cultural sector as well as across the country. Film Hub North strives to bring expertise to its members and recognises the value of collaboration for creative excellence.

Film Hub North will make sure that film in the North of England has a seat at the table; be it a part of the cultural landscape, the political landscape, whether it’s within a local community or crossing borders, be it seeking press opportunities for members, or putting its members on the world-stage, Film Hub North is a champion of film, of the North, and of the Hub members.

Film Hub North makes things happen. With the wealth of expertise and passion within the Film Hub North team, we can be an accelerant to projects, turn an idea into a reality, take a concept to conclusion, or simply support members at crucial moments of delivery. Members can count on Film Hub North to lock-in on the opportunity and be a catalyst for success.