Screen Heritage Best Practice
A guide to support exhibitors to plan and deliver archive film events

This Best Practice Guide has been produced by the BFI Film Audience Network, in collaboration with the Regional and National Film Archives.

It was created to complement Changing Times: a multi-year, nationwide screen heritage programme led by Film Hub North on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network. Changing Times provided exhibitors with funding to produce screen heritage events that celebrate the moving image collections of the UK’s public film archives. This document builds on existing archive resources (listed later) and draws on the experience gained and lessons learned in the first two years of Changing Times from 2018-2020. It can be read in its entirety for an overall introduction to screening archive film, or you can consult individual sections for information on specific topics like programming, rights clearances or live scores.

We encourage exhibitors to explore new ways of screening archive material, experiment with exciting event formats and forge new collaborations with partners across the archive and wider cultural sectors. And it is our hope that this guide helps increase exhibitors’ confidence in working with archive film.

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Title: Screen Heritage Best Practice
Subject: Screen Heritage
Author: Andy Robson, FHN Screen Heritage Producer
Source: Film Hub North
Date: 2021