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  2. Screen Heritage Funding
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Screen Heritage Funding

We manage nationwide funding programmes supporting screen heritage events on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network. Changing Times is a four-year initiative that explores over a century of social change as documented by the UK's film and television collections.

Each year, Changing Times takes a particular contemporary issue as its theme with the aim of connecting stories of the past with issues and audiences in the present. Support is available to help exhibitors and archives forge collaborations and develop events that make film history come alive for contemporary audiences. In 2019, our theme is Shifting Ground: an exploration of peoples' changing relationship with their environment.

  1. New Directions

    Retracing the steps that have brought the UK to a political crossroads in 2020

  2. Shifting Ground

    Exploring changing relationships with the environment in 2019

  3. Women's Histories

    Celebrating women in the archive from Jan-May 2019