Script: Salt Water Town
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Salt Water Town poster featuring Owen Teale and Tom Glynn-CarneyTom Glynn-Carney riding a motorbike down a country road

Dive Deeper into the BFI NETWORK funded short film, Salt Water Town

Written by Jack Sherratt and Dan Thorburn, Salt Water Town centres around a father and son who wrestle over the future of their failing caravan park in a poverty-stricken coastal town. Starring Owen Teale (Line of Duty) and Tom Glynn-Carney (Dunkirk), this short film is available to watch for free on Omeleto

Jack and Dan were keen to continue exploring toxic masculinity and highlight issues of rural poverty after wrapping up their first short film, Trucker’s Atlas, and this led them to creating the world Salt Water Town. To better understand how Salt Water Town came to be, take a look at the film's script linked below and check out the interview we did with Salt Water Town's director, Dan Thorburn.

Liam spends his days drinking with friends and racing his motorbike across the roads of his Welsh coastal town. He helps run a failing caravan park with his father, Glenn, who clings to the belief that prosperity will soon return. When an insurance inspector reveals the land they own is worthless as a result of rising sea levels, Liam must convince his father to abandon their lifelong home. The conflict over control of the park leads to desperate measures.

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Subject: Filmmaker resources
Description: Salt Water Town's script
Author: Jack Sherratt and Dan Thorburn