Revisit This Way Up 2020
Conference recordings now live

Catch up with key talking points and sector insights from This Way Up 2020.

In early December 2020, we were proud to present the biggest edition of This Way Up yet. Together with our colleagues across the BFI Film Audience Network, we welcomed almost 700 industry delegates to the first digital edition of the UK’s annual conference for innovation in film exhibition.

As well as broadening the event’s reach, the virtual format has made documenting the conference’s conversations easier than before. We’re now excited to share captioned recordings of all of the sessions, giving our delegates a chance to revisit key talking points and sharing conference insights with the wider industry.

You can find the full playlist over on YouTube, and we’ve picked out a few highlights below. As conference co-producers, we don’t have favourites: so for our selections, we’ve picked out sessions featuring contributions from the wider Film Hub North family. It’s an eclectic mix - covering everything from the 1918 Flu Pandemic to the future of film - that showcases the expertise of exhibitors in the North. Thanks to all of the speakers, and happy viewing!

Ben Roberts: Lay of the Land

BFI CEO Ben Roberts opened the conference in conversation with our Hub Strategic Manager Sally, and set the tone for the subsequent 3-days with an overview of a chaotic year in film. In his opening address, Ben explores both the positives and challenges to emerge from 2020, and provides insights ranging from the philosophical (go for long walks!) to the practical (turn off your self-view on Zoom!).

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The Radical in the Practical

Gabrielle Jackson from Brewery Arts Centre joined a panel of young film professionals in this session providing exhibitors with pragmatic advice on how to meaningfully engage with 16-30 year-olds. Gabrielle discusses Brewery’s film ambassadors initiative, with other speakers covering topics such as threshold anxiety, pricing and accessibility.

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Pandemic and Cinema

Bryony Dixon, Curator at the BFI National Archive, took us on a fascinating journey into the past - complete with eerie echoes of the present - in this session exploring cinema’s rocky relationship with pandemics. She’s joined in conversation by Andy, our Screen Heritage Producer, for a chat about Dr. Wise on Influenza - the proto-public health film made as Britain fell under the grip of the Great Influenza of 1918-1919.

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Reframing Recruitment

Reba Martin (Journeys Festival International) and Mikaela Smith (Showroom Cinema) are joined by Sue Emmas (Young Vic) and Jo Verrent (Unlimited) for a discussion about improving recruitment and retainment practices within film exhibition. Their conversation covers film-specific initiatives like the Independent Cinema Office’s FEDS programme as well as work from the wider cultural sector.

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Freelancing in 2020

North-based freelancers Anna Kime and Sonali Joshi feature in this session outlining the state of play for freelancers working in film exhibition. They talk about their organising work within the sector through the Dial F for Freelance and Excluded UK groups, and are joined by colleagues from the Museum Freelance Network to discuss the challenges and opportunities of freelance life.

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