Postroom is a space where filmmakers can share their work directly with our Talent Development team.
We use Postroom to scout talent, review work and find shorts to showcase at our regular film nights.

Filmmakers can set up a Postroom account over on the BFI NETWORK website. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to submit up to three short films and/or scripts. These will be shared with our Talent Development team and BFI NETWORK executives throughout the UK.

You might want to submit work to support an application to one of our Talent Development funds, or to begin a conversation with our executives. Each quarter, the BFI NETWORK team highlight work that they love at NETWORK Nights, a short film and networking event at BFI Southbank. Submitting your work to Postroom means that it could be selected for the next NETWORK Nights or one of our own Northern Exposure Short Film Nights.

Create your Postroom account