Stonewall - special screening
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House of Ghetto host a family get together celebrating queer people of colour in cinema.

House of Ghetto, Manchester's very own drag and dance collective, are promising "a beautiful queer family affair!" with their next event: a celebration of queer people of colour in cinema that kicks off the city's LGBT+ History Month programme. Partnering with Manchester Pride and Queer Media UK, House of Ghetto are taking over The International Anthony Burgess Foundation on 1 February for an evening of film, discussion and performance that will recognise the often-overlooked contributions of queer people of colour to the LGBT+ movement. Subjects of conversation will also include family dynamics within the LGBT+ community and the (in)visibility of community elders in the public consciousness.

For the main event, House of Ghetto are screening Stonewall – Simon Finch’s idiosyncratic retelling of the 1969 Stonewall riots, the watershed moment that birthed the modern LGBT+ movement. Combining barroom melodrama, torn from the headlines mockumentary segments and musical lip synch interventions, Stonewall explores the world of the infamous inn through the travails – both romantic and political – of its clientele. La Miranda Querides, a Puerto Rican drag queen, serves as our guide to the events of that momentous summer and the struggles of the diverse community that sought sanctuary at the Stonewall.

Rikki Beadle-Blair, Stonewall’s screenwriter, will be in attendance to take part in a post-film question and answer session with a difference. Also answering questions is Monica Beadle: Rikki’s mum and star of the evening’s supporting film, Monica – Loose on a Cruise; a short documentary following Monica on the trip of a lifetime as she embarks on a lesbian cruise for the first time. House of Ghetto are adding their own touches to proceedings too: the screening of Stonewall will be accompanied by a drag king performance from Dick Slick, who will deliver a tribute to cabaret artist and Stonewall veteran Stormé DeLarverie.

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