Jasmine wrestles back control from her abusive husband

Jasmine and Dave are a seemingly happy couple. In public - out at restaurants, in the pub with friends or on fishing trips - Dave is a loving, supportive husband. But behind closed doors, he is violent, controlling and abusive.

Dave calls this love - and, day by day, Jasmine is losing her freedom, her independence and her connection to the outside world. After being brutally attacked by the man she loves, Jasmine faces up to the bleak reality of her marriage and the stark choice facing her: take back control or end up dead.

Festival selections include: Norwich Film Festival.

Winner of Best Drama - Short Form and Best Drama Performance at the Royal Television Society North East and the Borders Awards.

Director: Daymon Britton
Writer: Debbie Owen
Producer: Morgan Stephenson
Cast: Kim Tserkezie, Morgan Stephenson
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 10 mins
Released: 2019