Live Cinema Weekender
Combining film and music at Dewsbury Town Hall

Composite image showing Anna Meredith and DJ YodaComposite image showing Anna Meredith and DJ Yoda

Anna Meredith and DJ Yoda bring contemporary and cult cinematic classics to life at Live Cinema Weekender.

Live Cinema UK, the North’s very own specialists in expanded cinema events, host a special homecoming in October 2023 with the Live Cinema Weekender.

Taking place on 6 & 7 October, the Weekender sees the Huddersfield-based Live Cinema UK team journey a short way down the road for a takeover of Dewsbury Town Hall. The weekend’s events form part of Kirklees Year of Music - a year-long celebration of the West Yorkshire borough’s musical heritage and culture.

   Live Cinema UK presents events around the world, but we’re still a Kirklees-based company. Being born and bred in Kirklees, I’m so proud to be bringing two of the very best examples of live cinema events to our home district. If you’ve never experienced a film with live performance before, what a way to start. - Lisa Brook, Live Cinema UK

The Weekender kicks off on Friday 6 October with a special presentation of Eighth Grade - comedian Bo Burnham’s note-perfect portrayal of teenage angst in the age of social media. Live accompaniment comes from Anna Meredith - the film’s original composer, and one of the most distinctive voices in modern British composition. Performing her soundtrack for the first time since its premiere at the Barbican, Meredith leads a four-piece band in delivering the sugar-rush highs and crushing lows experienced by our young protagonist, thirteen-year-old would-be YouTuber Kayla.

On Saturday 7 October, Quentin Tarantino - one of cinema’s most prolific samplers and foremost homage artistes - gets given the remix treatment himself. DJ Yoda does the honours, with the award-winning turntablist offering a new take on Tarantino’s distinctive cinematic universe through an immersive audio-visual show that blends film footage, soundtracks and turntable trickery.

Film Hub North is pleased to support Live Cinema Weekender with National Lottery funding through our Pitch Pot Fund.

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Live Cinema Weekender is supported by National Lottery funding through our Pitch Pot Fund.

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