Live Cinema at SXSW 2018
Listen to the Sonic Cinema panel

Ahead of the inaugural Live Cinema Summit at Sheffield Doc/Fest, we’re revisiting Live Cinema’s recent Bursary-supported trip to SXSW 2018 where they hosted a panel discussion offering an introduction and insights into the world of live cinema.

The discussion, available below, features a preview of what the team have in store for Doc/Fest (around the 24 min mark) and includes contributions from some of the panellists appearing at the Live Cinema Summit.

Film Hub North will be joining two of the panellists from the SXSW session - Lisa Brook (Live Cinema) and Stuart Brown (BFI) - for a round table on funding and exhibiting live cinema on Saturday, 9 June (more details). We'll be sharing learnings from that session and others throughout the festival over on Twitter.

Take a look at the entire Live Cinema Summit programme and browse SXSW's extensive audio archive.