Inclusive Cinema Awards
Strategic funding to help build a broad film culture

Funding available

Awards between: £15,000 - £30,000
Maximum awards in 2019: 2
Project delivery over at least 1 year

Dates and deadlines

Proposals open: 21/02/2019
Proposals close: 01/04/2019
Multi-year awards considered

Inclusive Cinema Awards are central to our commitment to help all of the North's communities enjoy a wide range of film.

They're for exhibitors who are passionate about addressing under-representation in the exhibition sector - in particular among BAMER, disabled and LGBTQ+ audiences and audiences from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

The principles of inclusivity benefit the whole film industry. They make our shared film culture more welcoming, creative and representative - and they make good business sense. Our Inclusive Cinema Awards recognise that inequalities of access exist among audiences and that addressing the social, cultural and economic barriers faced by some groups requires special consideration. Through this fund, we will work with organisations who wish to make a meaningful connection with one or more of our priority audience groups, with the ultimate aim of increasing cinema admissions and nurturing long-term community participation.

Inclusive Cinema Awards are open to a range of organisations. There's no requirement to have extensive experience of delivering film programmes or a fully developed strategy for engaging under-represented audiences. What's important is a willingness to learn new things and work with the Film Hub North team to develop innovative ways of working, reach wider audiences and contribute to a vibrant exhibition sector.

All it takes to start a conversation with our team about the Inclusive Cinema Awards is an idea and an email. Take a look at the Funding Guidelines for some inspiration on what sort of projects we can support, as well as more information on the Awards' aims and requirements.