Hub Statement
Temporary change to Hub leadership

See below for Film Hub North's statement regarding a temporary change to Hub leadership.

In response to a number of reports concerning HR processes and staff welfare at Tyneside Cinema, the BFI has asked Tyneside Cinema to temporarily step back from its leadership role at Film Hub North.

These reports have prompted an independent review into the working culture at Tyneside Cinema. Film Hub North will only resume its working relationship with Tyneside Cinema pending a conclusion to this review that is satisfactory to staff and stakeholders.

The Hub continues to operate, and our team is still working on behalf of the North’s film exhibition and filmmaking sectors. We are supported in this work by our leadership partners: HOME and Showroom Cinema, who will take directorate responsibility for Film Hub North from this point forward. The welfare of Hub staff is our priority and will not be compromised during this period of altered working practices. We will also strive to ensure that the organisations and individuals we work with experience no interruption to the support we provide.

Film culture should be inclusive, welcoming and safe. At Film Hub North, we work to make this a reality through our audience development activity via the BFI Film Audience Network and our talent development activity via BFI NETWORK.

These efforts are informed by the principles and guidance for preventing bullying and harassment in the screen industries commissioned by the BFI and supported by organisations across the UK. We encourage all screen industry employers to review these documents for more information on their obligation to provide a safe working environment and advice on how to achieve this. We also encourage all screen industry employees to review these documents for further information regarding their rights to safety, dignity and respect.

Read the BFI's principles and guidance for tackling and preventing bullying and harassment


Film Hub North

Wednesday, 1 July

The BFI's statement is available on their website.