FHN x BIFA Filmmaker Roundtable
Meet our BFI NETWORK team and find out about the support and opportunities available through the hub.

Date: 5 Jul 2022
Time: 17:00
Location: Chapeltown Picture House
50 Red Bank, Manchester, England, M4 4HF, United Kingdom
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Ahead of our FHN x BIFA Best British Shorts screening on Tuesday 5 July, we’re hosting a free filmmaker roundtable which will take place at Chapeltown Picture House in Manchester at 5pm.

This roundtable will be hosted by one of our BFI Network Talent Executives and can accommodate up to 8 filmmakers. It will be an informal, conversational session that will give you the chance to talk about short film funding in the region and hear about other opportunities available through Film Hub North. Mitch Kalisa, writer/director of Play it Safe, will also be at the roundtable, so this is a great time to meet fellow filmmakers and ask any general questions you might have for our team and the wider BFI Network.

We have once again collaborated with BIFA to bring some of the UK’s best short films to the big screen. BIFA have invited our roundtable attendees to view this special programme for free.

The screening will take place at Chapeltown Picture House from 6.30pm.

The films featuring in our FHN x BIFA Best British Shorts programme are:

EGÚNGÚN (MASQUERADE), UK 2021 (15 min)

Director/Writer: Olive Nwosu | Producer: Alex Polunin

Cast: Sheila Chukwulozie, Teniola Aladese

In search of healing, a young woman returns home to Nigeria, the country of her birth.

Watch the trailer

FEMME (WINNER), UK 2021, (18 min)

Director/Writer: Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping | Producers: Sam Ritzenberg, Hayley Williams, Rienjke Attoh

Cast: Paapa Essiedu, Harris Dickinson

Jordan is a femme gay man - a label he wears proudly. But every time he steps out of the house with his lipstick on he remembers his dad’s stark warning: the world will always be a dangerous place for a boy like him….

Watch the trailer


Director: Ida Melum, Writers: Laura Jayne Tunbridge, Hannah Kelso | Producer: Danielle Goff

Cast: Jessica Dennis, Stephen Fry

When a power cut ruins Ruby's bedtime routine, she finds herself haunted by some unwanted guests. The only way for Ruby to get a peaceful night of sleep is to confront her visitors.

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PLAY IT SAFE, UK 2020 (13 min)

Director/Writer: Mitch Kalisa | Producer: Chris Toumazou

Cast: Jonathan Ajayi, Heather Heather, Kate Ovenden, Charlie O’Connor, Louis Richards, Grace Daly, Lauren Raisbeck, Emily Seale Jones

Out of place in his middle-class drama school and pigeonholed for a role as a Black hoodlum, Jonathan decides to demonstrate to his peers that their unconscious racism is just as impactful as those who wear their intolerance proudly.

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PRECIOUS HAIR & BEAUTY, UK 2021 (11 min)

Director/Writer: John Ogunmuyiwa | Producers: Sophia Gibber, Tony Longe, Lene Bausager

Cast: Tomi Ogunjobi

An ode to the mundanity and madness of the high street, told through the window of an African hair salon

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If you want to attend the screening only, tickets cost £3 including a free drink.

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This event is presented in partnership with BIFA and Chapeltown Picture House.