Access for All: FAN's Inclusive Cinema Strategy
Film Audience Network Inclusive Cinema Strategy

Image Credit: CC Elliot Scott on Flickr

We are excited to launch to our collective strategy designed to support audiences with additional needs.

Diversity and inclusion underpins every project undertaken by the ground-breaking work of the Film Audience Network (FAN). We aim to bring British international and independent film to audiences, regardless of any barriers they may face, placing access at the heart of our strategy. We work to increase the range and diversity of audiences engaging with film, promoting active participation and opportunities for all.

In partnership with our creative network of exhibitors UK wide, we celebrate meaningful representations of diversity on screen. We prioritise ongoing skills development through the development of further learning opportunities, working where possible to ensure fair representation behind the camera.

We support young audiences (16-30) to encourage the growth of a long-lasting and inclusive cinema culture and celebrate our heritage on screen, with a focus on regional and national collections. The Film Audience Network embraces the BFI Diversity Standards throughout our work.



  • The support of successful accessible screenings models UK wide, encouraging sustainable long-term delivery,
  • Shared learning via a UK wide online resource, which offers multiple toolkits and reduces duplication,
  • The provision of training with expert partners, leading access champions and stakeholders,
  • Continual analysis and development of models and programmes, learning as we deliver,
  • Highlighting and leveraging further funding for accessible screenings,
  • Awareness raising and further education for audiences, stakeholders and wider partners,
  • Advocating for and supporting the implantation of raised standards, such as the delivery of accessible formats, and environments that are welcoming and inclusive,
  • To develop further research and gather audience feedback where there are noticeable gaps across the sector.


Over the coming months, we will provide:

  • An online resource which will act as a benchmark and go-to place for future activity,
  • Toolkits and how-to guides to support film screenings, covering practicalities through to marketing ideas, and how to get the BFI Diversity Mark of Good Practice,
  • Workshop and activity guides,
  • Funding guidance for more ambitious projects,
  • Partner contacts to provide expertise and support,
  • Evidence to share with colleagues and funders,
  • Training to build confidence when working with diverse groups,
  • Networking opportunities to meet with peers who are running inclusive screenings,
  • Awareness-raising programmes to build the visibility of inclusive cinema and to represent diversity on screen,
  • Support to providers exploring new screening programmes.

You can download a PDF of the Access Strategy below.

For further information on the FAN Access for All Strategy, or to send your case studies from across the UK, please contact FAN Access Officer