Family, forgiveness and blasphemy in Bradford

Fazil and Jimmy face off in a scene from EXPIATIONFazil and Jimmy face off in a scene from EXPIATION

Jimmy is seeking salvation. And he's willing to pay.

Estranged from his family and ostracised from his community after committing adultery, Jimmy hopes that funding a new mosque for an intense, young imam will provide his redemption. But a shocking revelation on his son's birthday, coupled with a series of increasingly disturbing visions, derail Jimmy's plan and push him closer to the edge.

Oz Arshad's short is a playfully provocative portrait of a family grappling with with faith, intolerance and hypocrisy in Bradford.

Festival selections include: Bolton Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, London Short Film Festival.

Director: Oz Arshad
Writer: Oz Arshad
Producer: Shereen Ali
Cast: Nitin Ganatra, Davina Moon, Sam Otto
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 19 mins
Released: 2021