Engaging young audiences
Call for feedback on the latest industry research

Have your say on a new proposal for a national ticketing scheme

Our colleagues at Film Hub London are coordinating nationwide activity around the youth cinema market and are now looking for exhibitor feedback on their proposal for a ticketing initiative aimed at 16 - 30 year-olds. Having undertaken a review of the existing literature around the cinema-going habits of young people, the Film Hub London team have identified two clear barriers which recur across various research findings: price and a lack of relevant content, or a lack of awareness of existing provision.

In response, Film Hub London are proposing a simple ticketing offer that could apply across Member venues of the BFI Film Audience Network, complementing existing pricing structures, maximising unsold capacity and attracting young audiences to a wider range of cinema. This proposal is now at a stage where it needs direct input from exhibitors themselves before it can develop further. 

Film Hub London are inviting venues to review their research to date and provide feedback on their ticketing solution. You can do this by taking a few minutes to complete a short survey, or by getting more involved through a development group or an in-depth conversation with the BFI Film Audience Network's Young Audience Coordinator, Moria McVean.

Complete the survey

Your input is invaluable: it will inform the development of the ticketing initiative and contribute to more effective, joined-up thinking across the sector about how best to attract young audiences. This is a chance to have your say about how we might work and innovate together to secure the future of independent film exhibition.

The deadline for feedback is Wednesday, 26 June.

Image (bottom): Ingrid Mur