DIY Filmmaking Challenge Showcase - Sci-Fi
Stories from the future of Northern film screen at Showroom Cinema

An astronaut struggles with an unseen enemy in a scene from INVISUSAn astronaut struggles with an unseen enemy in a scene from INVISUS
Date: 18 Feb 2024
Time: 14:30
Location: Showroom Cinema
15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
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Tickets: £4 ↗ Get Tickets

Join us for DIY Filmmaking Challenge Showcase: a celebration of some of the best films made by young, Northern filmmakers as part of DIY Filmmaking Challenge: Sci-Fi.

This screening takes place at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, from 14:30 on Sunday 18 February. Tickets are £4.

Late last year, we challenged filmmakers aged 16-25 to make no-budget, micro-short films experimenting with science fiction storytelling. At this event, we’ll showcase the shortlisted entries and announce the winning filmmaker, who will receive £1,000 development funding to make their next short.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring filmmaker Sean Mckenna (Future Perfect, Dead Whistle Stop), Nora Murphy (BFI Film Academy Coordinator, Showroom Cinema) and Sam Barnett (Talent Producer, Film Hub North).

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This event is open to all - including challenge participants, aspiring filmmakers and film fans who want to see new work from the region’s emerging filmmakers.

Our Sci-Fi shortlist is:

Alone - by Jasmine Stephenson & Karol Iwan

Close Encounters of the Same Kind - by Luke Wilson

Corporeality - by Brad Hart

Deficit Angel - by Nancy Sexton, Daniel McGrail, Eliza Livingstone, Oscar Kamperin Flint & Jasmin Kemlo

Dilemma - by Ai Narapol

Invisus - by Jacob Crow, Matthew Ingham & Richard Jones

A Lonely Chessboard - by Manish Haresh Wadhwani Mansukhani

Man's Best Friend? - by Ruben Gray

Players - by Ava Bounds

Spoilt for Choice - by Katie McDonnell

The Table - by Corran Gourlay

The Test - by Beth Cameron

Unrestricted Intelligence - by James Forrester

DIY Filmmaking Challenge: Sci-Fi is delivered by Film Hub North as part of BFI Film Academy.

BFI Film Academy offers opportunities for ambitious 16-25 year olds, anywhere in the UK, to get to know more about film and how to forge a career in the screen industries.

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