Directors Call Out
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We're looking for Directors interested in collaborating with some of the North's most exciting new writers.

Directors – we need you! As we gear up for another year of supporting new filmmakers in the North, we’re putting together a database of people who are interested in a career as a Director and are looking to collaborate with local Writers.

Throughout the year, we deliver a number initiatives supporting Writers to develop new scripts. We're now looking for directors who are interested in meeting these Writers to interpret and bring their own distinct vision to their work. At this stage, our Directors Database is for creatives pursuing a career as a Director only - rather than a Writer-Director - and is all about connecting you with the talented Writers we're lucky enough to work with.

All you need to do to sign up to the database is send a short email with some basic information – full details are below. We’ll keep you on file and will reach out when directing opportunities become available through programmes like our Northern Exposure Short Film Script Lab and microshort commissions.

Sign up

To join our Directors Database, simply send our team an email using the subject line ‘Directors Call Out’ with the information listed below in a format that works for you. We’ll use the requested information to gather a better picture of directing talent in the North and to help us identify what scripts and projects might be a good match for you.

  • A short biography – you might want to include details about your current creative practice, past projects, interests and influences. (Max 200 words, or answer via video/audio)
  • Your film interests – what sort of stories are you interested in? What makes a script compelling to you? (Max 200 words, or answer via video/audio)
  • Links to your previous work – eg. a short film or recent sizzle reel.
  • Links to your social media profiles, where relevant – if you’re creating work primarily for social media platforms, we’d love to see your channels.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for directing opportunities on our talent development programmes, you must:

  • Be based in the North of England (see a map of the areas we cover).
  • Be over 18.
  • Have a desire to direct scripts written by other creatives, and to collaborate with Writers on their scripts.

We'll use the information you submit to the Directors Database to learn more about filmmakers in the North and to identify relevant directing opportunities to share with you. Your information will be held securely in digital files and won't be passed on to third parties without your consent.