Developing Deaf Audiences in Your Cinema

The Independent Cinema Office have carried out a comprehensive survey of Deaf audiences supported by FAN and the results are clear:

More Deaf people want to visit the cinema, but there’s a lot of work to be done for it to be a welcoming and comfortable space for Deaf audiences.

So they’ve set out to create a clear toolkit that any cinema can use to make venues accessible and enjoyable for Deaf people.


We created some easy to use resources to help you with Deaf audience development:

– Our new British Sign Language for cinemas video resource that covers the key BSL signs in a cinema context

– The Visible Cinema Hand Guide by Glasgow Film Theatre, containing a best practice study ofdeveloping a Deaf audience

– Our Developing Deaf Audiences in Your Cinema guide to the results of our research, including recommendations on how to improve:

Scheduling subtitled screenings

Technical provision

Marketing accessible screenings in an accessible way

Developing trust with d/Deaf audiences

We want cinemas to make use of these resources and transform the film experience for Deaf people.

Let us know if you are using them as we love to see cinemas making strides to be more inclusive.