Birthday Girl
A birthday to remember, or to forget

B is too old to be acting like this. Or so Shannon, her controlling, over-protective son, seems to think. In her early 40s, and with another birthday coming up, B is still getting drunk after work, kissing semi-strangers and doing runners from taxis.

It's the day of his mum's party, so Shannon decides to forgive and forget his mum's self-destructive antics from the night before. But when one of B's would-be suitors turns up to return her bag and try to take things to the next level, old family dysfunctions flare up and threaten to stop B's new romance before it's even started.

Festival selections include: LA Shorts International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Dublin International Film Festival.

Winner of Best UK Short at Liverpool International Film Festival.

Director: Portia A. Buckley
Writer: Portia A. Buckley, Michael Lindley
Producer: Michael Lindley, Jason Maza
Cast: Rebecca Callard, David Judge
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 17 mins
Released: 2019