Bingo and broken hearts by the great British seaside

Sunny is a hapless loner; a frustrated 28 year-old man who lives henpecked by his eccentric grandmother in a "dog shit town" on the coast. His only means of escape is Pauline Dupondt; the unattainable bingo-caller with delusions of glitz and grandeur who lives across the road. 

From watching her at work on the promenade to peeping at her through his telescope at night, Sunny's infatuation with Pauline grows into a strange, voyeuristic relationship. But Pauline isn't interested in settling down and Sunny's obsession makes him lose track of the important things in life.

Director: Simon Green
Writer: Adam Gillen, Simon Green
Producer: Katie Crook
Cast: Adam Gillen, Katherine Kelly
Genre: comedy
Runtime: 20 mins