Making the most of Cannes Film Festival Written by Joan Parsons


With Festival De Cannes 2017 approaching, Joan Parsons, Senior Programmer, Showroom Cinema, offers some top tips to take note of ahead of the Festival. 

Comfortable shoes 

You will be on your feet for hours, and queuing is hard on the soles (and the soul sometimes). Yes, you will be expected to wear something smart if you are planning on, and lucky enough to get a ticket for, an evening premiere, but don’t wear them all day or you really will regret it.

Go to see everything! 

Yep, you’ll probably not like it all but go in with an open mind and you’re more likely to find a hidden gem. Some of my festival favourites are things I went to see on a whim, with no prior knowledge. If you don’t manage to get in for the hottest ticket go and find something else, there is never a ‘there’s nothing on’ moment.

Be aware of security 

Procedures for security are really tight and in the Palais even more so. No liquids allowed in bags, and they will be searched so drink water whenever you can but don’t carry it on you. I’ve seen people have their sun-cream and make-up confiscated too so try and find all-day versions of everything.

Pack a brolly 

Despite being beautiful most of the time, Cannes is really miserable when it rains. Most of the queuing is outdoor, red carpets get very soggy and people’s fuses get very short. Make sure you have a small foldable brolly, or even a poncho for those emergency downpour moments. 

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Festival de Cannes is a magnet for programmers, filmmakers, distributors and the wider film industry; for members attending this festival and others, FHN offers bursary support of up to £500 to assist with costs so that you can strengthen your programme.  For more information about bursaries please contact