Choosing the Project! REACH Blog #2 Audience Development Project

Abi Standish 27/09/2016

At the Showroom we have a pretty extensive programme of films and events going on throughout the year. Our four cinema screens see everything from new releases, alternative content, one-offs, film seasons, lectures, festivals and more. When it came to choosing my audience development project as part of the REACH course, I knew it would be difficult for two reasons; I’d be spoilt for choice and a lot of work would be ahead of me in order to give my focus to my choice whilst still giving attention to the rest of our programme.

In June I met with our Senior Programmer and went through the upcoming programme for the rest of the year. After some discussion and ideas, I decided to do my audience development project on…

…Adapting Miss Highsmith – a season of films celebrating the work of Patricia Highsmith via a variety of film adaptions from around the world of her novels and short stories. The season has been marvellously organised by Filmhouse Edinburgh in association with Waterstones and is supported by BFI National Lottery Fund. Venues could choose from 12 films to produce the season at their site. We decided to programme the season for the month of September comprising of nine films, including a short.

I chose to centre my audience development project around the Adapting Miss Highsmith season in a strategic and logical sense as well as with personal passion. I thought the support of both Filmhouse Edinburgh and Waterstones would be very helpful in terms of wider marketing and support and that the season blended two brilliant art forms, literature and film, which would perhaps give the season a wider reach in potential audiences. Last year I got into Patricia Highsmith’s work through her short stories and The Price of Salt and found both Highsmith and her writing fascinating. I thought that these two aspects would be a good starting point to the project. I’ll keep you posted!

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