Lost Connections
A new, archive-based short film

About the film

Featuring 180 works from 12 UK film archives
Runtime: 13min | BBFC: U
Captions available


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Lost Connections is a new, archive-based short film about our extraordinary collective experience since March 2020.

Lost Connections is the result of a unique collaboration between 12 of the UK’s Regional and National Film Archives. It brings together over 200 works spanning almost a century of film history into a collage that showcases the riches of our public film collections and captures the changing national mood throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Commissioned by the BFI Film Audience Network to support exhibitors to include archive film material in their reopening programmes, the short is completely free to book - for online and in-venue screenings - from August 2021 until April 2023.


Lost Connections was commissioned as part of Film Hub North's New Directions funding programme, which ran throughout 2021.

The film is not currently available to book via the Hub. If you're interested in screening the film and would like to find out more, please contact the Hub team: info@filmhubnorth.org.uk.

Go behind the scenes

Lost Connections features a huge range of works from film archives across the UK.

To help exhibitors learn more about the short, its production process and the films behind the film, we've put together an Exhibitors Guide exploring the film's origins and themes.

This resource highlights some of the key works featured in Lost Connections and the relevant archive to contact about developing an event that showcases local screen heritage in your area.

Download the Exhibitors Guide

Lost Connections has been produced by Yorkshire Film Archive, commissioned by Film Hub North on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network and supported using National Lottery funding.