Lisa Brook at SXSW

Live Cinema UK at SXSW 2017 - Part 1 Supported by the Film Hub North Bursary Scheme

Lisa B 14/03/2017

Lisa Brook (Live Cinema, Director) reports back from SXSW 2017. Lisa was supported to attend the event through the Film Hub North bursary scheme, for more information about the bursary scheme please click here. 

We're at the mid-point of our second year at SXSW where we are delighted to be producing and speaking on two panels with our fellow Yorkshire exhibitor power ladies! On Saturday 11th March, Live Cinema Director Lisa Brook chaired the panel 'Selling Celluloid: New Audiences for Film' produced by Kathryn Penny, Festivals Director at the National Media Museum. Kath will be writing a blog on this very site, and we have another panel this afternoon chaired by the wonderful Joan from Showroom, so we'll keep this update brief and highlight a few of the trends we've spotted this year at the world's biggest creative conference.

Live cinema-style activations

Wandering around Downtown, we've seen these lovely ladies creepily walking in groups. Those in the know will recognise the costumes from the upcoming Hulu TV show The Handmaids Tale. They are wonderful, and seeing the drunken revelry of 6th Street and Rainey Street disrupted and disturbed by their stoic chanting is a brilliant real world experience to introduce SX attendees to the show.

Brits in Hollywood

Oh Edgar Wright: you've come a long way baby (driver...)Our epic research into side-bar events at the festival saw us eating sausages at 11am whilst seeing Edgar Wright (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead) in convo with his cast, including John Hamm no less, before the World Premiere of Baby Driver. Which we queued for 2 hours in the rain to see. And was worth every second.

TV on the big screen

SXSW's film and conference programme aligns TV with film, and this year more than ever. As well as many MANY panels that cross TV and Film worlds, there's world premiere sneak previews of TV on the big screen (which we're always a big fan of), this year featuring American Gods, The Son, and Cartoon NetworkGame of Thrones and VEEP cast and show runners got their own panels and escape room experiences this year - live cinema activations are well and truly entering the TV world. What do we call this? Live TV? Wait, no...

More from us soon, we've got a panel to do! And the Virtual Cinema opens today, more on VR in our next post...

Lisa with the giant American Gods buffalo.