Hornsea Cinema explores the possibilities of DCP Written by Neil Robson


Myself and another Floral Hall Cinema Club volunteer went.

We were both very impressed by the organisation and planning that Film Hub North had put in to the event.

The venue was perfect, and there was a good turnout of 20+ people from 'similar' non-professional/volunteer organisations such as our Floral Hall set-up.

We had two presentations, both very interesting and informative.

The one on the 'advanced' Digital Cinema Package/Initiative, gave us an insight in to the way forward for the future, but which might be a 'Bridge Too Far' for our Floral Hall Cinema set-up at this point in time, and, the Cinegi (streaming) option, which we are currently discussing the options/pros and cons of with the Floral Hall Directors at the moment.

Possibly the most immediate and interesting effect of the course was the opportunity to meet members of other similar/dissimilar volunteer organisations, and talk about how they ran and organised their events – which we ALL found VERY enlightening, and I'm sure this cross-fertilization will result in improvements and exchange visits by the various groups to each others' venues over the coming months.

Not directly part of the course, but may I take this opportunity to mention that we were ALL very appreciative of the excellent buffet lunch that was available – please thank whoever organised/prepared it!

It was just the icing on top of a very interesting day!