Engine Awards

Long-term investment to move your organisation forward

Funding available

Awards between: £10,000 - £30,000
Total Pot in 2018: £85,000
Expected awards in 2018: 4

Dates and deadlines

Rolling fund, activity to begin in 2018/2019
Support delivered over at least 1 year
Multi-year awards considered

Engine Awards are a long-term, strategic fund for exhibitors with ambitious plans to grow their audiences. 

They’re about investing in the heart of your organisation and creating a sustainable framework that will make your screening activity bigger, better and bolder.

Each Engine Award is different: they’re created in collaboration between the Film Hub North team and your organisation’s management to ensure that supported projects align with our vision for film in the North whilst also delivering on your own audience development plans. Applying for Engine Awards requires a long-term commitment to working closely with Film Hub North, a desire to engage wider, more diverse audiences, and a willingness to enact change throughout your organisation.

Projects supported by Engine Awards will be large in scale, ambitious and have the potential to reach significant audience numbers. In order to bring about the changes expected of an Engine Awards project, funding will be delivered over a minimum of one year, with multi-year awards considered on a case by case basis.