BFI New Release Strategy A Fantastic Woman is selected as the next New Release Strategy title

BFI New Release Strategy 

The BFI Film Audience Network (FAN), comprised of nine regional Film Hubs - of which Film Hub North is one, has just launched a new scheme to support some of the best new films from across the globe.This exciting new initiative aims to work with distributors and cinemas/exhibitors to find the right audience for these films

We are delighted to announce the next BFI FAN New Release Strategy titles, God’s Own Country (Picturehouse, 1 Sept) and Daphne (Altitude, 29 Sept), two great British films that deserve to be seen on the big screen in cinemas all over the UK.

From film talent events to making the most of grassroots networks both God’s Own Country and Daphne will benefit from an expanded marketing campaign that will raise the visibility of these films all over the UK – and with the Strategy’s focus on young audiences (age 16-30) you can expect lots of opportunities and ideas for engaging with audiences this age. Cinemas booking the films will receive more details on these opportunities over the coming weeks.

If you show NRS films and are interested in additional event or marketing activity, you can also access support from us – get in touch with to register your interest and for more information. And, as with all NRS films, you will receive an expanded marketing pack containing everything you need to successfully promote the films including top quality social assets, engaging copy and great event ideas.

Booking is now open for both God’s Own Country, Daphne, Nothingwood and A Fantastic Woman. Check out the details below and contact the distributor for more information and to book.

BFI New Release Strategy Feedback - The Prince of Nothingwood

The Prince of Nothingwood was the latest film supported by the BFI FAN New Release Strategy, and to help report on the impacts of the scheme we need your help.

Please spend just a couple of minutes completing a short survey about the film here It really does take only two minutes and it’s important to hear from exhibitors who both did and didn’t book the film, so please complete it whether you screened the title or not. 

The deadline is Friday 16 February and your feedback really does help advocate for continued marketing investment in titles like these.

Click here to complete the survey.

A Fantastic Woman selected as the new BFI New Release Strategy title

Dir: Sebastian Lelio | UK | 2018 | 104 mins

Theatrical Release Date: Friday 2nd March 2018

Non-Theatrical Release Date: Monday 21st May 2018

Community cinemas can book A Fantastic Woman on Blu-Ray via BFI: Monday 21st May

Please contact them on: / 020 7957 8938

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We are delighted to announce that A Fantastic Woman (2 March, Curzon Artificial Eye) is the next film to receive BFI Film Audience Network New Release Strategy support.

Chilean director Sebastián Lelio follows up his 2013 hit Gloria with this luminous and life-affirming gem about a young transgender woman struggling to live with her own grief - and the prejudice she suffers - after the death of her lover.

A beautifully compassionate and tender look at the everyday obstacles of trans existence, A Fantastic Woman is a powerful, touching film. We would love to see Daniela Vega be the first trans actress to pick up a major acting award - let's see what happens…

Venues screening the title include Tyneside Cinema, Showroom Sheffield and Arc - Stockton.

The marketing pack for A Fantastic Woman is now available, you can access it by clicking here or download it at the bottom of this page. 

With NRS support, A Fantastic Woman will benefit from an expanded national campaign, grassroots marketing activity across the UK and a marketing pack with a host of useful resources to help you promote your screenings. You can also request additional help for marketing or special events from the Hub.  More details of the campaign will be released soon but in the meantime you can register your interest and discuss available support for screening A Fantastic Woman by contacting

To request a screener or book the film, please contact

The Prince of Nothingwood

Dir: Sonia Kronlund | UK | 2017 | 85 mins

Released 15 December

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We are delighted to announce the next film to receive BFI Film Audience Network support through the New Release Strategy will be The Prince Of Nothingwood.

A joyous portrait of Salim Shaheen, Afghanistan’s most popular actor, director and producer, The Prince of Nothingwood is a heartwarming documentary and often funny tale of creativity against all odds.

As a New Release Strategy (NRS) title marketing support is available from Film Hubs for cinemas screening The Prince of Nothingwood - contact your local Hub for more information.  As always with NRS-supported films, the film will benefit from an extended regional press and marketing campaign and a comprehensive marketing pack designed to make it easier for cinemas reach a younger (age 16-30) audience.  

Now available to book theatrically from 15 December (and on Blu-Ray/one-offs from 22 December).

To request a screener or make a booking enquiry, contact Michael Wailes on Exhibitors can catch The Prince of Nothingwood at the next ICO Screening Days taking place in Manchester from 4-6 November.  

To access a comprehensive marketing pack created by exhibitors for exhibitors please click here.

More information regarding support will follow soon.


Dir: Peter Mackie Burns|UK|2017|90 mins

Released 29 September

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“Emily Beecham Slays In a Misanthropic British Winner That Feels Like a Big Screen ‘Fleabag’”, “feels like a romantic comedy with all of the bullshit taken out” – Indiewire

Director of the acclaimed, multi award-winning short film Milk, Scottish filmmaker Peter Mackie Burns marks his transition into features with this tightly focused, remarkably authentic character study of brittle 31-year-old Londoner Daphne (Emily Beecham, Into the Badlands).

“She’s like one of the women from Girls gone solo”... “Burns has crafted a great London movie”… “a film of compassion and soul, with a protagonist at its heart who’s sometimes hard to like but easy to adore” – The Skinny

Daphne has 'sort of given up on people' as she goes through the motions of her busy life, working as a cook in a London restaurant and through a series of drug-fuelled hook-ups. She resists genuine intimacy in her few friendships and rejects her mother Rita's attempts to engage. When she witnesses a violent robbery, she's thrown into chaos and finally begins to confront the person she's become.

Cut from the same explicit, ironic, confessional cloth as Phoebe Waller-Bridge's internationally successful BBC TV series Fleabag, Daphne offers us a female protagonist who can be as fiercely unlikeable as she is compelling to watch. Beecham doesn't shy away from her character's darker aspects and her astonishingly complex and intimate portrayal made the film a hit at Rotterdam Film Festival earlier this year.

Booking contacts: and

To access a comprehensive marketing pack created by exhibitors for exhibitors please click here.

Please click here to access assets for use in your social media campaign.


We’re delighted to be giving away a trip to London for two including a cookery school class at the prestigious Leiths School of Food and Wine.

Please invite your audiences to enter the competition via this link:

Entrants can gain additional entries to the comp by sharing on their Twitter or Facebook.  


Peter Mackie Burns is currently touring Daphne across the UK with the film receiving amazing feedback from audiences so far. There are two videos available from the tour for you to host on your website or share on social media.


YouTube link

God's Own Country

Dir: Francis Lee|UK|2017|104 mins

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"Captivating ★★★★★" - BBC Culture "Spellbinding ★★★★★" - Attitude

Captivating and broodingly beautiful, God's Own Country is the award winning debut feature from writer/director Francis Lee. Bracingly open hearted, this is a thrillingly romantic story set in the heart of rural Yorkshire. Both poignant and moving, this finely crafted British film features a host of standout performances, marking it out as an absolute must see.

Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor) works long hours on his family’s remote farm in the north of England. He numbs the daily frustration of his lonely existence with nightly binge-drinking at the local pub and casual sex. But when a handsome Romanian migrant worker (Alec Secareanu) arrives to take up temporary work on the family farm, Johnny suddenly finds himself having to deal with emotions he has never felt before. As they begin working closely together during lambing season, an intense relationship starts to form which could change Johnny’s life forever.

"Beautiful ★★★★★" – HeyUGuys "Unmissable ★★★★" - The Metro

Booking contact:

Initial marketing materials including trailer, quad poster and stills are now available and will be sent to you upon booking. 

To access a comprehensive marketing pack created by exhibitors for exhibitors please click here

Previously selected BFI New Release Strategy Titles 

The Fits

Director: Anna Rose Holmer 

The Fits available for members booking on DVD/Blu Ray and DCP from the 24th February

The Fits is not your usual coming-of-age tale. Dreamy, poetic, visually lush with an immersive score that beguiles and intrigues, this confident debut feature from Director Anna Rose Holmer deserves to be seen on the big screen.

This critically acclaimed film is supported by FAN’s New Release Strategy and we encourage members to add it to their film programme. It has the potential to reach a diverse audience and young people through the quietly striking presence of its young black lead, Royalty Hightower.

"The Fits is a lovely character portrait, abstract and yet highly evocative, given an other-worldly feel by deft use of slow-mo, sinuous tracking sequences and music that ranges from ambient drones to discordant strings and the percussive claps, clicks and stomps of the drill routines." The Hollywood Reporter

Watch the trailer (US)

Theatrical release date: February 24 2017

DVD and Blu Ray release date: February 24 2017

The booking contact at Lionsgate is Rachael Koczan

Get in touch if you're interested in accessing support from the New Release Strategy.

The Fits NRS Marketing pack is now available and contains:

• Stills

• Online trailer download

• GIFs

• Copy

• Outreach ideas and networks to tap into

• Key articles and press quotes

• Press templates

• Sample Facebook and Twitter posts


Chevalier, Athina Rachel Tsangari's winner of the Best Film Award at the London Film Festival 2015

Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari Country: Greece 

Directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari and winner of the Best Film Award at the London Film Festival 2015, Chevalier is a satirical comedy satire that explores the extremes that men will go to to prove themselves. 

In the middle of the Aegean Sea, on a luxury yacht, six men on a fishing trip decide to play a game. During this game things will be compared. Things will be measured. Songs will be butchered, and blood will be tested. Friends will become rivals, and rivals will become hungry. But at the end of the voyage when the game is over, the man who wins will be the best man. And he will wear upon his littlest finger the victorious signet ring: the ‘Chevalier’. 

Chevalier is available to book in UK cinemas from 22nd July, you can contact Studio Canal to book the film. Chevalier will be available in non-theatrical venues from 14th November through Filmbank

Film Hub North members and exhibitors can expect a bigger marketing and press campaign to run alongside the screenings, targeting specific audiences in every region of the UK. 

To access a comprehensive marketing pack created by exhibitors for exhibitors please click here

To watch the trailer please click hereIf you are interested please contact Sam Barnett, we are really keen to hear from exhibitors of all kinds.


Director: Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami Country: Germany/Switzerland/Iran 

We are delighted to announce that Sonita has been announced as the next film to be supported through the New Release Strategy. More information regarding specific support available will follow soon. 

Sonita, a teenager, is a talented rapper and an indomitable force, in spite of all her obstacles she confronts in Iran and her conservative family. She is, however, an undocumented Afghan refugee in Tehran, and her family has other plans for her. In this gripping documentary, her dream of living abroad is about to come true just as her family plan on sending her back home to get married to a much older man who will give them a lump sum of money, which would allow Sonita's brother to find a bride. While she must now attempt to overcome numerous personal and bureaucratic hurdles to avoid what seems inevitable, the film's director, Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami is also confronted with a dilemma: should she interfere to help her or let things unfold in front of her eyes and of the camera?

Sonita opens in London on 21st October and then wider from the 28th October. 

To access a comprehensive marketing pack created by exhibitors for exhibitors please click here.

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