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The Advice and Experience Scheme provides our Members with free bespoke advice from industry experts covering every aspect of the exhibition sector.

Managed by our colleagues at Film Hub Scotland, the Advice and Experience Scheme is a nationwide initiative that connects Members of the Film Audience Network with leading practitioners for free 1-2-1 professional development sessions. Our selection of advisors cover the entire breadth of the UK's exhibition sector, and can help you with everything from putting together a marketing plan to attracting new audiences, addressing a technical issue, or constructing a budget.

Each session involves a half-day meeting with your advisor followed by a report outlining practical next steps to advance your project. Local advisors can come to you and meet in person or, if it's more practical, sessions can be arranged on the phone or over Skype.

For more information on the advisers available to meet and to book your session, head over to the dedicated Advice and Experience Scheme website.

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If you've got any questions or would like to chat about the scheme further, you can reach out to the Film Hub Scotland team at: